A Message to the Public

We do not put up a fight,

we do not stand against your ignorance.

We simply use words to express what life has bluntly thrown our way.

We create stories and rhythms that fall short of describing our lives.

We let our souls flow into the pages,

because our souls are the only part of our bodies we have full control over.

We implant seedlings of curiosity into the minds of the youth,

hoping those seeds will sprout into the metaphorical tree of knowledge.

We yearn for the unknowable, and seek what we do not understand.

We look to the skies and see not a god, but a hope of something more.

We look below us and see not hell, but the foundation of the future.

Time and time again, we witness words being used to fuel hatred and suffering,

so we do the only thing we can-we use them to repair what was broken and build new life.

Whispered words, muttered melodies, silent songs,

some of us grow quieter because you refuse to hear us.

But they say the quietest people have the loudest minds,

and the time for silence is over, the time for honesty has arrived.

It is not up to you to choose our words, but it is up to you to choose our message.

Do we simply write to fulfill some vague need to be heard?

Or do we serve the greater purpose of guiding our generation into honesty and knowledge?

Choose wisely, for your choice impacts only what you care deeply about: yourself.

We do not care-we have completed our job when our pen lifts from the paper.

-Written by one who is tired of being misunderstood-she doesn’t care anymore


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