A question was raised, “What does it mean to be inspired by God?”

The circle of adults all thought for a moment.

One softly answered, “Allowing God to speak through you.”

The others hummed their approval and nodded in unison.

A young girl sits in their midst, old enough to understand, but too young to contradict.

Her mind races in silence, screaming at the ignorance surrounding her.

The purpose of the adults were to question the Word, to find the meaning in the scripture.

But their questions are shallow, and their answers anchored against the very thing they question.

They think they accomplish something, stepping outside of the norm to gain knowledge.

The young girl took it much further.

They questioned the history, the authors; she questioned the message, the meaning.

They asked, “Who put the text together?”

She silently begged, “What does this mean for our culture?”

They reduced their worship to a simple, “Live as inspired by God.”

She thinks only of “Live as inspired by love.”

Whether that is because of God, or because of her heart,

for through love comes passion, and through passion comes meaning.


We, as the youth of our country, must learn to find our own way in the world left to us. We must break free of the lessons drilled into our young minds. We cannot rely on the previous generation to teach us the way we must live, for the world changes each moment, and no one knows what the future will hold. Whether through religion, morality, education, or apathy, we must find our own means to find reason in our lives. If we live through love, passion, and empathy, we have a chance to create our own culture, one that fits the state of our world, and not the remnants of the world our society once knew. Do not allow the words of history to dictate the way you live today.

History should be remembered, not relived.

We create our own history, and the chance to write it is now.

We cannot wait-there is no reason to.

We may be the future, but more importantly, we are the present.


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