The Choice to Have A Choice

Growing up, my siblings and I had a lot of freedom.  As long as we made great grades, did our work, and stayed out of trouble, how we decided to live our life was our own choice.  We could believe what we wanted, make our own life choices, and hang out with whoever we chose.  So it makes sense that the four of us are unbelievably different from each other.  Yet, even with this freedom and our many differences, we all ended up coming out mostly alright.  Our religious beliefs range from atheist to Universalist Christian.  Our morals range similarly.  It is easy to see that we grew up with different choices, different ideas instilled in us.  I believe that each and every person has a chance to have their own choices and opinions, just like our parents raised us to do.

I believe in choice.  I myself have made the choice to have a certain religion, certain morals, and a certain way of life.  I have come to the realization that others may have made different choices.  And while these choices may not be similar to my own, I have also realized that I have no right, according to my morals, to say that these decisions are wrong.  Each person acts and lives in what they think is right.  I have no bearing on others’ mindsets, and they have little influence on mine.  Where does it say that we can’t live peacefully?  As long as their lifestyles don’t endanger others, they should have the choice to live that way.

I have made the choice to believe in God.  I am a Christian, trying to do my best to live in the way of my beliefs.  The core of these beliefs is to love everyone I meet, not to judge others, and to live by the way of the Holy Bible.  I believe in doing what I believe is right, in choosing my beliefs and showing them through my actions.

I have made the choice to believe that no one is perfect.  I know I am nowhere near this unreachable objective so many people wish to find. Yet, I don’t mind the way I am, because I have a different outlook on life that may seem strange to an outsider’s eyes.  The choices I make, the choices everyone makes, may not seem like the right one, but I make my choices work for me. I rejoice in life itself, because life is such a rare gift.  But, with such an amazing, short adventure, what time do I have to worry about what others choose to do?  I believe in living MY life.  If I live happily, follow my beliefs, and care for others as my God does, I should not have the time or need to tell other people how they should live their lives.  And in my mind, no one else should have that want either.

Choice.  The decision to live and how. 

This I believe.


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