The Labyrinth of Life

On his deathbed, Simon Bolivar, to the public’s knowledge, used his final breaths to ask “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?” In context, these words were spoken as a realization that his struggles were coming to an end.  However, looking at these final words as the question they are, we are left with a much deeper idea.  Throughout many times in our lives, we will find ourselves in a maze, attempting to find the way out.  We will think we are on a certain path, but one wrong turn will leave us in a strange new place, with once-comforting faces turned unfamiliar and cold. Many will try to turn back, finding the way blocked, but will still devote much needed time in a useless attempt to find their way back to the path they were on before. Fewer people will see this change and will stop, halting all progress through their lives. The hardest thing to do, quite possibly, is to continue on, using the new path to create a shortcut to whatever destination we find ourselves needing to reach.

Why is following a new path so difficult for us? Is it the unfamiliar surroundings? Is it the loss of our comfort zones?  We may have convinced ourselves that we know the way out of life’s labyrinth, but who is to say the path we were on was the right one? A common saying goes along the lines of “It’s not the destination that matters, but the path that takes you there.”

This is where faith comes in. Faith in what’s ahead. Faith in what you can’t control. Because that is essentially what faith is.

Faith is when you decide to fill the missing piece of yourself with the belief in something greater than yourself. It’s making a connection with a force you can’t control and allowing it to mean something to you as an individual. It’s putting complete trust in the path you are taking, because whether or not the road you take is the right one, you have your faith in whatever doctrine speaks to you the most to guide and support you.

The labyrinth may not even have an exit. But it doesn’t need to. The journey through the endless crossroads and sudden stops is enough adventure for a lifetime. We just have to find the faith and courage to live as if our mindless wander through the world is the path we are supposed to be on.


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