Nature’s Spirit

When the majority of people in our country are questioned about belief, they reach for a book. This book was not written by them, but these people are convinced that it was written for them. They use this book an escape route, a way to vindicate themselves for their actions.

I do not agree with this.

But it is not my place to judge them for this belief.

That is the beauty of belief. It is a mostly solitary action, its strength based on the amount of trust you place in whatever faith you find yourself using to guide you. It’s keeping a certain mindset about a thing even if someone has a perfect, rock-solid argument against it. It’s more than opinion-it’s a doctrine that comforts you when all else fails. A doctrine that creates in you a hope that fills the doubt in your mind.

Some people reach for a book.

I open a window.

Our generation is going through an extremely difficult time. As we grow older, we are witnessing our world fall apart. As our technology develops, our resources and our environment diminish. As we live vicariously through our screens, the world around us is dying.

Hope is the thing that can save us. If we lose hope in the world, eventually, we will lose hope in ourselves. Hope is knowing that no matter how broken you feel, you have the strength, whether through personal strength or through the aid of others, to put yourself together again. It can take the form of anything in the world. It’s blinking away the lasting effects of the night and watching color return to the sky with the arrival of the sunrise.  It’s walking through the woods on one day, noticing the uniform green throughout, and then walking along the same path only a few days later, surrounding by the colorful buds that accompany spring. It’s the feeling of perpetual motion that envelops you while the wind spirals the fallen leaves into new life as they fly across the ground.

It is too late to hope that the world will right itself. But as we work to save what little of the natural world as we can, we have the ability to hope that our actions will make the needed difference. What other choice do we have?


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