Humanity Within Nature

Comparing humanity and nature is somewhat of a paradox to me. The two are immensely different, at least in the eyes of one or the other. Humanity has been changing and developing into concrete jungles and patchworks of urban and rural life across the world. Nature is calm and unchanging, its actions simply a reaction. Nature does not do things out of spite, and yet it is a force to be reckoned with. There is a push and pull dynamic between the two, in that as humanity continues to grow and extend its boundaries, nature recedes and loses part of itself, either due to extinction, the ominous threat of global warming, or another disastrous issue that humanity has caused.

And yet, humanity and nature also coincide. Humanity depends on nature to survive, even if a large percentage of humans spend most of their time residing in front of a computer screen. The human race has begun to live vicariously through the pale light of electronics rather than the harsh brightness of the natural world around them; and yet, without that green terrain that has become interspersed with tall buildings and the scraping sound of rush hour traffic, the human race would be unable to survive.

Nature would be perfectly fine without the human race, however. This can be seen in areas that have been abandoned by humanity, where the first succession of weeds and grass have begun to sprout in between cracks in the sidewalks and bricks from falling walls.

Humanity can be seen as a fearful thing; we create enemies within ourselves and are unable to face the repercussions of the actions we commit due to a belief in an invisible man who dictates the fate of our lives. We build and create and destroy in an attempt to commandeer and control everything in our lives. And yet it is the one thing we cannot command that we depend on above all else. The actions we have taken concerning the environment are now returning to scare us all into mending our ways before what we once had, the fragments of what natural world our society once knew, is gone forever.

Humanity and nature is a paradox to me. Whether that is due to the faults of humanity, or simply due to my inability to organize my thoughts concerning the two-well, I suppose that is something I will learn over time.


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