A Hellish Love

“Love is patient, love is kind.”

“Love overcomes all.”

These are scriptures that you praise and preach.

Unless it is not a love that is defined within the confines of that book that you cling to in order to live every facet of your lives.

What kind of love is that, that you are so blinded by the laws of our forefathers that you turn away from those in need, those who are struggling to survive, those who have to hide who they are, simply because they do not follow the ideas that your society defines as worthy.

If loving a person of the same sex is a crime, having so much love that we are willing to face the indignation of society, then I will willingly face your almighty god and walk backwards into the furthest pits of hell, feeling the flames lick at my legs and consume my soul.

At least my love will be validated.

While your love for passages of old give you nothing but haunted memories of a society well on its way to extinction, as the customs of the past are replaced with ones that will create a more peaceful and livable world.

Enjoy your heaven, for what good is life if you are unable to accept and love everyone you come across.


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